Alison & Sage - Mermaid Inspired Kure Beach North Carolina Wedding Photography

Give me a beautiful Sunset, the beach and an amazing couple! These Wedding Portraits taken at the Carolina Coast, in Fort Fisher North Carolina just down the road from Wilmington were inspired by Alison's Mermaid her. Her Groom Sage's clothes were picked to fit in the color scheme, just like the beautiful bouquet made by Wildly Cultivated Floral Designs in Fayetteville NC. 

A Wedding Photographer in North Carolina, I will head out to the beach whenever I can - so a Mermaid inspired Wedding was exactly what I needed. Alison with her beautiful purple mane with her man Sage were the perfect couple - and they are so adorable together! 

But how did they meet?

"I had just started working at Naomi's Total Image in Greensboro, NC when Sage first came in to get his eyebrow waxed. Yes, you read that correctly he only had one and it was my job to make it into two! After waxing him he hung around talking to me and a coworker, I paid him very little attention and actually hoped him and my co worker would hit it off!
I had zero plans to like him or see him again unless it was by an appointment! He came back the next day with lunch for me! And the rest is history!"


We trashed the trash by getting sensual - whats more romantic than making out on the beach at sunset? The two showed all of their love by passionately kissing on the beach and in the water - braving the freezing cold temperatures!