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Jamar + Laura - Wedding at Studio 215 - Fayetteville North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Jamar + Laura had their Wedding at Studio 215 in Fayetteville, North Carolina on a beautiful Thursday in June. Why on a Thursday? Well, it just happens that both of their parents got married on the same date in the same year, just over 30 years earlier, so they wanted to honor them and continue the tradition by getting married on June 7th as well.

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Rebecca + Phil - Panache Events Plus - Jacksonville, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Do you even know how much I have hated the rain lately? Oh my goodness! Rebecca and Phil are the most adorable couple and they asked me to be their wedding photographer in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Never opposed to driving out to the coast, I of course said yes, and when I finally met the sweet couple, they had driven out on Phil's motorcycle enjoying a beautiful summers day. Fast forward to the wedding - you guys know the weather has been SUPER bipolar lately, so what was supposed to be a ceremony at the river front had to be flipped to a ceremony at Panache Events Plus, their reception venue real quick. Never the less, it was still an amazing ceremony and I am obsessed with the way Phil looks at his bride at any point - you can just feel how much he adores and loves her and it melts my heart. This, ladies and gentleman, is what I live for! 

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Sharon + Chris - Beach Wedding Photography at Oak Island, North Carolina

Sharon and Chris eloped, surrounded just by their closest family, in a beautiful Beach Ceremony in Oak Island, North Carolina. When Sharon first contacted me, we vibed instantly which I loved, so I couldn't wait to be their Wedding photographer in the Wilmington Area. It rained all day, but just before they got ready to say their vows, the sky opened up and the sun came through for the two of them - if thats not a sign I don't know what is! But how did we get here? 

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Alison + Thomas - Coastal Garden Wedding in Wilmington, North Carolina

Alison + Thomas got married in a beautiful outdoor garden ceremony on the coast I am so lucky they chose my as their Wedding Photographer in Wilmington, North Carolina. As the sun was setting, the two said their vows to each other surrounded by their friends and family. Alison was giddy the entire time while getting ready, so excited to finally see her groom. "You know how some say you get second thoughts before a wedding? I didn't. I never been so sure of anything in my life", she told her bridesmaids, with this huge smile of hers, that warms up any room. This is something I noticed right when I first met her for their Engagement Session (check it out here!) The two met in the gym, where they participate in olympic style weight lifting. 

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