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You found your person - YAY!

& now you also found your third wheel to document your love story and make you look freaking amazing, so you can relieve this special time in your life through beautiful images.
I got you, every step of the way. Pinky promise.


You deserve more than someone that just shows up, snaps some pictures and collects the cash. When I say "I got you" I really do. I want to understand your vision and your personality. I want to make sure that your wedding pictures will be amazing. With me, you get a personal + real experience. I want to connect with you on a personal level from the first inquiry - than I deliver those next level, authentic photos you want; the ones that capture every crazy perfect moment. Awkward? Naah, thank you! Silly jokes to lighten the mood, lots of guidance during the portraits and ninja skills to catch the candids. Sipping the bubbly with your girls as you get your makeup done. Exchanging vows that make all your guests laugh + cry. Grandma busting a move on the dance floor.  I am the person that will make sure to capture it all so you can sit back and relax. I'll also make sure you look your very best, and at ease when getting you picture taken.

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