Hey, my name is Johanna - Fayetteville, North Carolina Photographer

Fayetteville North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I thought it was time for a reintroduction to all of y'all, and what better time to do it than when you got to "model" for another local photographer in Downtown Fayetteville, NC. First off, I love connecting with other creatives. Working from home can get quite lonely, so hanging out with others who are in the same shoes here in Fayetteville or anywhere else in North Carolina and the world. There is a certain connection between people who are creative for a living. 
Porshia is a local Lifestyle photographer and you should totally check her out!


You can read my formal about me here, but I thought a bunch of random facts would be fun to share. 


Wedding Photographer in Fayetteville, North Carolina




1. I love guacamole and avocados.
It's seriously an obsession. 

2. I love crime shows.
If I watch something on TV its usually Investigation Discovery. But, I hate horror movies. Somehow fiction scares me more than reality. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.23.22 AM.png

3. I shot film until about 2008.
I was probably the last person I knew that got a digital camera. I either shot with a Canon A1 or a very, VERY simple film camera. The weeklong wait to see my Images was torture. 

4. I wanted to become a professional Basketball Player as a kid. 
And than I found out I was only gonna be 5'6". It was nice while it lasted. 

5. I have an obsession with Harry Potter. 
From Tattoos to merchandise, I love to collect everything and anything. And I have read the books and watched the movies about a million times. My biggest wish is to meet the cast one day. 

6. I love planning. 
Even if its a year away. I can get into every detail of it. So book ahead! 

7. I hate the taste & smell of coffee. 
But I love Starbucks and I am always tired. I like lots of sugar with a bit of coffee.

8. I am pretty sure I was a mermaid in my past life. 
I love the pool, the ocean and being in or around it. Noone can get me out. I secretly wish we could life closer to the coast, but let alone living so close makes me happy. 
(But I dont like sea food. Fish are friends not food.) 

9. Brunch is my favorite. 
Seriously, invite me out to brunch and I will love you forever.