What I live by….


I believe in documenting life and events,
with colors that are true to live and bold, with a bit of vibrancy.

I am a obsessed for fresh flowers, blooms and lush greens,
the beach and golden light.

I believe in romance in the small, in between moments,
forehead kisses, hugs + soft glances.

I believe in honesty and transparency. I’m a total type A that loves planning, lists + is always at least 10 Minutes early.

I absolutely love the work I do. I came to this country with nothing but two suit cases and a dream, and I carved my own path and built this business from the ground, so you, the couples that believe in and hire me, mean everything to me.
And I mean that.

I got you. Pinky Promise.


About me

Born and raised in Germany, I packed two suit cases 6 years ago and moved to the states, chasing dreams, with a passion to capture memories. I took a chance and was rewarded with the best freaking couples in the world!

Always the photographer, finally the bride - I fell in love with a wonderful man, who serves in the military.
He’s truly my soulmate and I am forever grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life. We’re an amazing team, and even work together from time to time so theres a good chance you’ll meet my mister :)

When I am not working, I absolutely LOVE going to concerts. Whether small shows, festivals or concerts, even musicals or comedy clubs - I love live entertainment, singing along to songs and feeling that energy. "And I still listen to the same ish I did back than...." Literally.

However, I love to get down and dance to anything with a good beat and you will probably see me awkwardly grooving along on the side of the dance floor. Can I dance? Nah. Will I? Absolutely. 

I have rewatched the TV Show Friends more times than I like to admit, I am a sucker for New York Style Pizza + I’m a total nerd for Harry Potter and Star Wars. I also collect tattoos. Theres never a time when I am not thinking about my next one!

A perfect day definitely includes a good Margarita, poolside.

Think we’ll vibe?


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