Megan + Ian - Fun Downtown Elopement - Oahu, Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Gosh, this Elopement was so much fun! Megan and Ian booked are all-inclusive elopement package, that includes Photography and an Officiant! My husband Matt and I are a couple thats totally in love that loves to marry couples who are totally in love!

I love working hand in hand with my husband on your love story. It has a special meaning to us to unite and be a part of your love story. We love offering all inclusive Elopement Packages in Oahu, Hawaii and on all other Islands!

This one was back in Fayetteville, NC our last duty station before we moved to the beautiful Island! We celebrated Megan + Ian Downtown and they brought so much joy! For their rings, they decided to go with ring pops - how cool is that? Hello 90s vibes! In addition to that, the Bride was wearing the classic slip on vans - yess!

(Actually, the groom and my husband of the officiant were decked out in vans gear too. I swear it wasn’t sponsored, but I loved that we were all matching for the occasion on accident!) In addition to that, we got to pop some champagne after as well! And yes, we totally mixed in some poses from the engagement session of the cult movie “Masterminds” because of course we did!

Enjoy this elopement!!