Downtown Marketplace Engagement - Fayetteville, North Carolina Photographer

Love is in the air - oh engagement Season is so beautiful and I am happy to have met this beautiful couple. From our E-Mails, I could already tell that this was going to be fun - Lindy was chipper and sweet. 

Upon meeting her, I realized she was not only that but also absolutely gorgeous. It was not surprising that Cody could barely take his eyes off her. The way he looked at her, so full of joy and love, was so transpiring that it made me utterly happy - and you can also see it in the Images. 

Seeing the love so obviously captured in the Images, that I had to know the story of their love. And was so greatful when Lindy decided to share it...

"Cody and I began our journey together in January 2013 via social media while he was on his second deployment in Afghanistan. We would FaceTime and message whenever we could, despite the less-than-ideal internet connection and 12-hour time difference. When he returned to his duty station in Germany that spring, we continued to nurture our ever-growing friendship over endless cups of coffee in order to keep the late night crass and comedic conversations of craft beer, music, and family a-flowin’. Unfortunately, Cody received terrible news of his father’s death in November, which led to an urgent trip back to the states. Despite the solemn circumstances, Cody and I enjoyed finally meeting face-to-face when I flew to Nevada to support him during such a difficult time. While that was only one of many rough patches in our individual lives, the other person never ceased to show support through it all. Even after our relationship tapered off while we pursued life’s other options, neither one of us truly gave up on the other because at the end of the day, we knew we were soul mates and best friends. Later the next year, Cody and I rekindled an old friendly flame over (incredibly delicious)coffee in Los Angeles, and the rest fell into place from there.  Fast forward to present day, and you’ll find us very happily engaged after living together in North Carolina with our two dogs, Nyx and Porter, and our sassy Calico kitty, Daisy. We cherish one another more and more every day because of what our past holds, what with the demanding distance and strenuous typical challenges in life. Now, he and I feel as if we have the best gift in the world by being able to spend our lives with the one that makes us laugh the loudest and love the hardest.

Till death do us part is for quitters."