Alli & Anthony - Romantic Cornfield Engagement in Fayetteville, NC

Alli had my heart the moment she walked in when I first met her in a Starbucks here in Fayetteville.  She was so sweet, and funny, and had the same nervous laugh I do! I can not wait to be her Wedding Photographer in Cary, North Carolina this July. Talking about her wedding was a blast, and so was talking about her engagement session. Something Romantic and Simple. Whats better than a pretty field? When I finally got to meet her fiance, I saw their love for each other immediately! 

We had been talking for weeks prior to meeting. I knew from the second I saw him that I liked him, there was something about him, so calm, comfortable, warm. I couldn’t stop smiling, which made him uncomfortable. Ha!!! I thought he was just the cutest! His green eyes and freckles sucked me in! We chatted over smoothies and then continued our evening over ordering a pizza! It was a rainy night, very casual, I was wearing leggings and a hoodie! He told me he had enjoyed our night so much and we both knew we wanted it to continue and we couldn’t wait to see each other, we hung out again the next day! The rest is history, as we never left each other’s sides. He proposed on New Year’s Eve at our hotel in Raleigh, right after the acorn drop. We have been together for two years, which we have survived an 8 month deployment and cannot wait to be married! 


“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” -Dr. Suess


How appropriate! (We actually planned on doing something less formal for meeting because I was nervous and wanted something less intimidating than talking over dinner. Hence the smoothies and ordering pizza afterward. I actually got a flat tire and he thought I was blowing him off - so I snapped a picture of my tire to prove it! Haha!!!! Anthony was so happy to get out of the barracks and be “not army” for a night. He literally never left once he started coming over - minus the deployment. I think we both knew it was love when we met. He told me I would be his girlfriend before we even met. haha!!!!!)