Alex and Deborah - Southern Pines, North Carolina Wedding Photography

Two years ago, when she left her home country of France to study abroad, Alex and Deborah met at a party. Alex was so shy that he could do nothing but stare at her, but awkward dancing broke the ice. The day after, at another party  they both attended, they shared their first kiss - and began their journey together! 

This wedding was close to my heart - Alex and Deborah had to endure distance and an ocean between that just like my husband and I, so when they talked about conquering this distance during their vows, tears filled up my eyes, and I was so incredibly happy, that even though they had an ocean between them, they surpassed it and swore their life to each other. 



"We started to talk about engagement when I came back to USA to finish my Master's degree in August 2015. We knew that after my graduation in May 2016 it would be hard for me to stay here and we didn't want to go through distance again. We just spent more than a year apart and we didn't want this happen again. In my mind, I knew Alex was going to propose but I thought he would wait a little. On November 1st, while spending the weekend with me in Raleigh, he went shopping with his brother during the afternoon. He was supposed to go back to Washington DC at night - but around 7 pm he called me and said he didn't take his bus back and that he will be back at my place in 30 minutes because he wanted to give me something. I was really wondering why he missed his bus to DC. My roommate told me that he was going to propose but I didn't believe so. 30 minutes later, I went out we met in front of my place outside - it was raining- and he started to tell me those very nice things "Deborah, I love you and I wand everything perfect for us...". Then, he proposed to me and showed this beautiful ring that I love."



They wanted a small and intimate Wedding, only with the closest family and friends. Since Deborah is from France, only a couple of friends and her parents and sister could make the trip. This was the first time their parents would meet, so it had to be perfect! The golf resort was perfect to spent the weekend and it was gorgeous! 

Simple but classy was the theme of the wedding - they stayed in touch with the venue, pine cones, tree slices and candles! For her dress, Deborah wanted something to show off her fabulous figure - and be a bit sexy as well. This beautiful dress from Davids fit the bohemian chic style she was going for! 


"The person who married us - Michael - is Alex father's best friend who actually married Alex's parents in 1989 in Florida. This was a very emotional touch to have. Even more, Michael speaks French and he did the whole ceremony in English and French - my parents and friends were so touched. It was so important to me since my parents don't speak English that well..  The event was very personal because everything was exactly how we wanted it."


"Alex came to France twice to see me and meet my family. We showed to each other that the distance was nothing when the other one means everything. Every time we would say goodbye to each other, we were not exactly sure when the next time would be to see each other again. But we knew it would happen. I never had any doubt because our love and commitment were always stronger. Alex always showed how much he loved me and even with the distance we always were so close to each other. I usually say that he is my best friend, my confident and my love. We are like partners together: we can act like 4 years old kids sometimes - making jokes and playing around - as well as 40 years old adults - making important decisions and taking our lives seriously."


The Distance is not quite over yet - while Deborah is finishing her Masters Degree at NC State, Alex lives in Washington, D.C. as an Analyst, where Deborah will join him after her Graduation in May. But a drive is easier than a flight - and come May, nothing will keep them apart any more.

Alex & Deborah, it was such a pleasure to photograph your wedding. Thank you for letting me a part of this amazing day!