Sexy & Sultry Boudoir Session - Fayetteville, NC Boudoir Photography

I love to make a beautiful woman shine. Being sexy doesnt mean spreading your legs and showing your goods, but being simply you. Some sexy clothing, a nice pose and just a touch of skin can drive him crazy. 

Fayetteville North Carolina Boudoir Photography


As a Boudoir Photographer in North Carolina, I want to tell your story, just like I told hers. Alyse is a beautiful woman, strong and confident. With simple poses, and a cute outfit, we created a sultry sweet scene in this Hotel room.


Fayetteville North Carolina Boudoir Photographer

The Session was shot with natural light from the window, as well as my Canon 6D and a 70-200 2.8 L II Lens. You don't need a big set up to create beautiful moments. Soft window light is more beautiful than anything a artificial light source could produce. Finding the light and using it, can shape the body and create beautiful shadows to show off your features!


Fayetteville North Carolina Boudoir Photography

I want you to step out of your comfort zone, go shopping and get yourself something cute. Than, call me and lets create a day with lot of wine where we celebrate your femininity, your beautiful body and self, and let me show you the bombshell that you are! 

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