Alissa & Jonathon at Yates Mill Park - Raleigh North Carolina Wedding Photographer

It was love at first sight for these two lovebirds, that got their Engagement Photos done by me at Yates Mill Park Park in Raleigh North Carolina on a cold January afternoon. I absolutely love this little park, its such an adorable little spot and it was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. Alissa & Jonathon are going to get married in September at a romantic vine yard in North Carolina and I can not wait to be their Wedding Photographer!

Alissa was intrigued by her future husband right when she first met him - she complimented him and he straight up ignored her. But she knew what she wanted and so she got a friend to give him her number and the two started talking - they were official just 11 days later! "He was the first guy I dated I was comfortable with and felt like I could be myself around him. He supported me through all of my events in life. We had some hard times through out our relationship but after each time our relationship got so much more stronger. " 

Proposing was a bit nerve racking according to Jonathon -  "Ive heard "when are you going to propose " hundreds of times in the proceeding months leading up to my proposal. I proposed in front of her family while on vacation in the North Carolina mountains attending her cousins wedding, catching her by complete surprise as i told her that would be something id never do. Knowing what i know now i would have proposed sooner because our love has become stronger than ever."

Now, enjoy their engagement Images - and stay tuned for their upcoming wedding <3