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Wheter it’s something you dreamed of all your life OR it’s just another thing to cross off your wedding check list - Buying a Wedding Dress is a very important step on your journey down that aisle. Here are 5 Things you need to know before wedding dress shopping!

#1 Get Inspired!

Walking into a Dress store can be SUPER overwhelming. Plus we all know that something on a hanger may look a lot better or worse once it’s put on. Try to get inspired by creating a Pintrest Board, a Dreamboard or a Collection of favorite Wedding Dresses on your phone. Simply save every dress that speaks to you. Once you have done this for a bit, look at the big picture. What are you drawn to? Romantic Lace or a Meghan Markle inspired silk fabric? Figure hugging or a Ball Gown? Straps or Strapless? Being able to see a pattern in what you drawn to is the first step to finding your way!

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What Dress Should I choose? Oahu Hawaii Wedding Photographer

#2 Take friends who keep it real!

Sometimes the mirror can trick us - or we are just so obsessed with a gown that we don’t see that it’s actually not that flattering or maybe we can’t see how we are GLOWING wearing another one. Having friends and family with you who will keep it real and won’t just compliment whatever you put on is so important. After all, this is the most expensive dress most of us will ever buy! Make sure it’s something you will love not just in the moment but in the long haul!


#3 Don’t be afraid of trying out the unexpected!

If you would’ve told me before my wedding that I would get married in a Mermaid Gown, I would’ve told you you’re crazy. I was CONVINCED I would walk down that Isle in a Ballgown. My friends talked me into trying on different styles than what I had in mind, just for fun. And guess what? I ended up reaaaaallly liking how I looked into those figure fitting gowns from the back and I would’ve never thought they would suit me. Have fun at your appointment, play dress up and keep an open mind! You might be surprised what makes you look like a Queen!

What Dress Should I choose? Oahu Hawaii Wedding Photographer

#4 Take your time

A lot of the time, sales associates might pressure you into buying a dress, saying it will take forever to order and that you need to make your decision right now. While a lot of dresses take a while to order, make sure you put wedding dress shopping as one of the first things you get to, not the last. This way you can try on a bunch of different styles, go to different boutiques and really get a grip on what you want. Make sure you take pictures in every gown and look at them repeatedly. While something might look good in the moment, it is important not to be impulsive but consider how it makes you feel, the fit, if it matches the flair of your wedding and if it’s truly you, not just something you like this second!

Pro tip: If you are in a time crunch consider stores like BHLDN, Topshop, Free People, H&M and Lulus. . They have tons of beautiful dresses that can be shipped immediately, plus they have great prices, too!


#5 Sit, Bend and Have a Dance off!

This one is very dear to my heart because I made that exact mistake! While I knew I was gonna dance the night away, I picked a form fitting mermaid style (and got it tailored to perfection). The problem? While I looked great standing there and walking, it was completely uncomfortable to sit, dance or do anything. (Yeah, i totally didn’t use the restroom for 9 hours on my wedding day, thanks to spanx and a dress I was afraid if I would take off, I wouldn’t get back into). While I had ordered my size and get it fitted to my body, I didn’t think that the day of the wedding I might be bloated, I might stress eat before the wedding or wanted to “Bend Over touch your toes”. If you want to dance the night away, a more flowy dress might be appropriate. Even if you ordered the right size, during the fitting and alterations, make sure you can still wiggle around and there is room for it, just in case.

What Dress Should I choose? Oahu Hawaii Wedding Photographer

What are your biggest concerns for wedding dress shopping?

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