Elisabeth + Kane - Wedding at The Stockroom 230 - Raleigh Wedding NC Photographer

Elisabeth + Kane had their Wedding at The Stockroom at 230 in Downtown Raleigh North Carolina. The two chose the venue because they loved the industrial and city feel and are just not the most outdoorsy people (same, tbh)."The theme is minimalistic/romantic, because we are definitely very simple, but like a sweet/romantic touch." 

How did they meet? 

"We both worked at the same company, Relias, as Support Consultants. Even though I joined the team in February and only sat about 10 feet from Kane, we didn’t speak until two months later when I needed help with a support case and he was the only person available. Before then, I was kind of intimidated by Kane, because he always seemed so heads down and serious at work, and let’s be honest, with his hipster glasses and black skinny jeans, he was way too cool for me. Little did I know, the first day he saw me, Kane told his friend Adrian, that I was going to be his girlfriend. Once Kane and I finally started talking at work, we didn’t stop. We talked on Skype during the day and we would wait until the other was ready to leave work so we could walk to our cars together. Then, I convinced him to move seats and become my cubemate. Soon after, on June 15, 2015, Kane brought me a dozen red roses and asked me to be his girlfriend."

And when did Kane knew she was the one for him? "I knew that I wanted to marry her when Elisabeth once we moved in together. Or more specifically when she helped me envision and renovate the condo we bought, as it initiated conversations about our future together, having kids, and growing old. I held off a full year before proposing, but couldn't wait to get married!" He told me. "I proposed to Elisabeth at Atlantic beach on a trip for our 2nd anniversary. She thought it was coming so I tried to throw her off by telling her we were going to the beach to go ghost crab hunting, and on the way down to the beach I proposed to her old-fashioned-one-knee at the access point."

Congratulations on this sweet pair! I am so grateful I got to be your wedding photographer!


Wedding Coordinator Sally Oakley
Cake Cakes by Chloe
Caterer Rocky Top Catering
Hair + Make up The Bardot

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