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Okay, I admit it - I am a HUGE fan of the british royal family and royal weddings in general. All the glitz and glam and pomp make my wedding photographer heart beat faster. It's like a modern day fairy tale, so when the beautiful Megan Markle got engaged to Prince Harry I could not wait for their wedding. Now, over a month later, I think I fall in love with her simple elegance more every time I see it. I didn't want to post this right away after the wedding as we were flooded from every news outlet with the royal wedding - so now I thought it was the perfect time to give you guys some royal wedding inspiration!

As a Wedding Photographer here in Raleigh, North Carolina, of course I am obsessed with all things wedding, but the gown is usually my favorite part of the day. Yes, I was that girl that dreamed about her fairy tale wedding since I was a little girl and I am NOT ashamed of it. I love to look at wedding dresses and am always excited about the dresses my brides are going to wear for their wedding day. A dress says so much about your personality and your aesthetic, combine my love for fashion and weddings and you can see why I love browsing the newest bridal trends and gowns that are just to die for!

Millions of women were inspired by Princess Dianas Wedding Dress in the 80's, Kate's Dress in 2011 and now Megans Dress in the present day. And we have come a long way from Diana's puffy sleaves and extravagant dress, which I still admire to this day. When Megan stepped out of that car, she looked flawless. Mind you, I was one of those people that critized the dress for being ill fitting and some what plain, but the more I see pictures of it after worths, the more I love it. I love simplicity and dresses with less frills, that let you shine as the natural beauty you are so I did my research and found some beautiful wedding gowns that are inspired by Megans sleek and simple chique. 

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