I absolutely love Hannah! She's been my Hair Stylist for a while now, but beyond that I just love talking to and hanging out with her! She's so much fun, always laughing and tells you like it is. Her and her hubby Brandon are the cutest couple and I love how sweetly she talks about her man, her face literally lights up whenever he texts or she just mentions his name. Other than that, I mean aren't they just gorgeous? When she asked me if I would take their Photographer in Fayetteville, North Carolina this year I was of course super excited and knew that they would absolutely rock it. 

Even tho they have been together for a couple of years, they still interact with each other like they just fell in love. They giggle, laugh and play and its amazing to watch them (and makes my job super freaking easy!) I loved hanging out with them on this amazing fall day at the Christmas Tree Farm! 

I am still booking Christmas Sessions until mid December - contact me to reserve your spot!