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Born and raised in Germany, I packed two suitcases 6 years ago and moved to the states, chasing dreams, with a passion for capturing memories.

I took a chance and was rewarded with the best freaking couples in the world!

I’m married to my soulmate & excited to do life with him here in paradise!

In my off time off, I love going to the beach! I recently checked off riding a jet ski off my bucket list and it was truly the best experience everrr, because honestly no one can ever be sad on a jet ski. I love snorkeling and now that I call Hawaii Home I am trying hard to learn how to surf! Catch me with an acai bowl & a Mai Tai in the sun after all the action!

I have rewatched the TV Show “Friends” more times than I like to admit (and I have no intention of stopping), I am a sucker for New York Style Pizza + I'm a total nerd for Harry Potter and Star Wars. And I loooove life music! I also collect tattoos - there's never a time when I am not thinking about my next one!

Now, I want to get to know you!

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Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Our Engagement

Our Engagement


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