Jessica + Nathan - The Lily Pad in Whitsett, NC - Raleigh Wedding North Carolina Photographer

When Nathan and Jessica first contacted me, we instantly connected on our shared love of Harry Potter and Star wars. "When I read 'My heart beats for Harry Potter and Star Wars' I was like - that's our girl!" she said in our first email to me and I remember smiling so big and extremely excited to finally meet them. As a Wedding Photographer in Raleigh, getting mail from Japan is super exciting! Fast forward to their wedding day, at the Lily Pad in Whitsett NC, I got to be do their Wedding Photography! The two currently reside in Japan, where Nathan is stationed with the Air Force came back state side to celebrate with their friends and family. The theme of the wedding was boho, with flowers in her hair and a gorgeous meadow with wild flowers surrounding them for their "I do's", they definitely hit the nail on the head. Additionally, Nate who is the the Air Force, found it especially perfect that our reception would be held in an old airplane hangar. At the end, after the sparkler exit, Jess grabbed a sparkler from one of her guests and challenged Nate to a Wizarding Match - Wingardium Leviosa!

That wasn't the only thing I love about their wedding - they had a choreographed dance to James Arthur's "Say You wont let go" which was absolutely beautiful and Nate's first dance was to Good Charlotte's "Thank you mom" - did you know that Good Charlotte was the first band that made me fall in love with pop punk? I definitely felt like I not only had found a perfect couple to capture their wedding for but it was beautiful to connect on them on so many small things. But when did Jess know that Nate was the one? 

"I first noticed about him his style! I loved his beachy/skatery style! The night after we met, we stayed over at our friend's house. Long after everyone went to bed, we stayed up chatting on the couch for HOURS. We talked about literally everything and anything and it just felt.. easy. There was no awkwardness, no trying to impress and no hiding. We were just US and for the first time in my life I truly felt like I could be myself around someone.

Nate loves about his girl that she is a total goofball and that she has the most fun personality. She always, no matter what, can make him smile. Regardless of the situation he can always smile with her because of how she is. Even tho she might hate it sometime, because she tries to be serious but just seeing that look on her face makes him smile. "I could have a rough day at work, be exhausted, bored, tired, or just "bla" but she always manages to bring me back up"

How did you guys get engaged? 

"We haven't really had the most normal relationship from the beginning. We've always just went with our gut and let life play out how it was meant to. After I came to Japan and she decided she wanted to live out here with me I was excited to see where it would go. After she got here and we got settled in I realized I didn't want to do life without her and would do whatever I had to do to make sure her and I were going to be together forever.  I took her to a park at the north end of Okinawa. There were a bunch of small paths to walk through and one of them went to a little spot to watch the sunset. We walk out to admire the view and I took a knee right there to ask her to marry me."

Jessica and Nate, you guys are so amazing and even tho we didn't get to meet until your wedding day, you guys don't even know how excited I was to meet you just from following you on social media and talking to you via email! Your wedding was a blast and I wish you all the best for the future - I hope to see you again! 

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Planner/Officiant A Beautiful Day by Christina
Venue: The Lily Pad
Catering: Pepper Moon Catering
Cake: Sugarland Bakery
DJ: Triad DJ
Florist: University Florist
Linen Rental: Party Reflections