Fathers Day Tea Party Photography at the Fayetteville FTCC Rose Garden

I like pretty dresses & tea. I also love the Rose Garden in Fayetteville, North Carolina and girls in pretty dresses. Also, of course I am a Photographer here in Fayetteville, NC. How do we combine these things? By Having a Tea Party at the Rose Garden. 

What a better way to celebrate this fourth of July, than by bringing by spending it with family? Especially these hero's, often gone for many months, what a special occasion to celebrate with T

This is the PERFECT reason to have beautiful daughters dress up - living in a military towns, there are many little girls that have to go without their US ARMY daddies for a long period of time. Trainings and Deployments lie heavy on Dad's and their Daughters, so a wonderful afternoon for just the two of them, creating moments they will cherish forever, was my way to celebrate Fathers day with all of you!