Amanda & Daniel - Wedding at the Sheraton in Downtown Raleigh, NC

This Wedding was one adventure. Originally planned for the Outer Banks, due to Hurricane Mathew the two had to reschedule their wedding within days to a new location. They got lucky and were able to secure the Sheraton in downtown Raleigh. Daniel reminded Amanda of what a special meaning it had for them - It was the exact place he asked her to be his girlfriend 4 years earlier. At this point, the knew it was faith and whatever happened, they would show Hurricane Mathew what true love is and tie the knot. 

On that Saturday, the Hurricane hit hard, but my assistant Emma and I were determined to make it to the wedding. With 40 miles per hour, we made it down the high way, trying to see what was in front of us. But we made it. When we arrived at the Hotel, everyone was in a great move and just as determined as we were to make this day super special despite the circumstances. 

Amanda's details were absolutely beautiful and I loved the work she put in to them. And her bridesmaids partied better and harder than the groomsmen - football, shots, beer & of course champagne. 

During the reception, Amanda pulled me aside and asked if I would be up to taking pictures out in the streets, since the rain had calmed down a bit. Gorgeous street shots? Of course I was up for it! We headed outside and I absolutely love the shots I got. 

Special thanks to the amazing Vendors who made this day possible!

Flowers: Mayesh Flowers
Cake: Sam's Club
Day Of Planner: Amy Sodenera
Officient: Reverend Boyette
DJ: John Haskins from Friendly Neighborhood DJ