Natural Hair, Natural Bride - Bridal Session in Fayetteville North Carolina

I have been admiring Aquisha for her beauty since I had first heard of her, and couldnt wait to finally get her in front of my camera. Celebrating natural hair, we decided on a Barefoot Bridal Session at Clark Park in Fayetteville North Carolina. We wanted something very organic and natural, just her in all her beauty. 

The dress is by Allison Parris, courtesy of rent the runway. Did you know that I am a pro member of rent the runway?  This means that if you would like a more styled session and go all fashionable, I would be more than happy to order a special designer dress for you for a small fee! 

One of my favorite things about wedding photography is the bride. A bridal session is a great chance for the bride to get comfortable in front of the camera, feel out her dress and make up before her big day and just have fun! Why only wear the dress for a day, sharing the lime light with your husband, when you could have a session all for yourself celebrating your beauty? 

Special thanks also to my wonderful Brittney Taylor for the Make up! She is amazing! 

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