Military Homecoming Photographer at Fort Bragg, North Carolina Army Post

Living in a military community means that there is a constant struggle between saying goodbye and welcoming them home. Our Soldiers can leave at a moments notice, and than the family is left waiting and missing them. However, this makes the reunion even sweeter! I just love photographing Military Homecomings because of all the anticipation and emotion and excitement that happens! Waiting for the doors to open and seeing the soldiers walk in, spotting your loved one in the crowd, and than finally being able to run into their arms, hugging them oh so tight! Tears, laughter, smiles, capturing these true and raw emotions is what makes it so special! 

I am so excited to share this moment today with this amazing homecoming! Too many months, this boys were waiting for their mom who was overseas fighting for our country and our freedom! They had the cutest signs, and even cut out heads to welcome their mommy home! 

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