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Eyebrows are a huge deal, at least to me and the rest of the online beauty community. For years, I tried to get the perfect eyebrows. I overplucked and overwaxed them in my younger years, and when the thicker, shaped brows became "the thing" I tried everything in my power to achieve that look with Brow Pomade, Brow Gel, Brow Liner - brow everything. If you know me, you know I take my eyebrows seriously, but you also know that I am not the most handy person. So while I am somewhat able to do my own make up (thanks to millions of hours of youtube tutorials), my brows were always a fight. Sometimes I had good brow days, sometimes one brow was great and the other one was just a mess. However, with all the practice in the world, I could never achieve the pretty natural groomed look that I wanted to. 

Than, I heard of Microblading and was instantly drawn to it. The amazing results I saw all over Instagram let me to research it more and more and I finally decided that I HAD to have it. Coincidentally, one day I was scrolling through my Insta feed and found that a local micrblading artist started following me - and her work was on point. "Thats it!" I said looking into the mirror at my sad, straight brows. I had to have it! Could I finally have an arch, thicker brows and the "on fleek" instagram look? A girl can dream. 

Microblading - raleigh north carolina wedding photographer
Microblading Raleigh North Carolina Photographer

I decided to book with Aysel of ibrowmicroblading here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. First, I explained to her what I tried to get out of it, than she carefully drew on the lines and shape for my new brows. She suggested me to wear headphones and listen to music, since most people seem to find the sound of the Microblading worse than the actual procedure itself, so I did. She picked out the correct color for my brows and than started. Microblading means that the artist imitates the hair strokes of the eyebrows and filling them in. Its a semi permanent Tattoo that lasts up to 14 months. You can touch them up and refill them in every 6-9 months. The whole procedure took about an hour, and thanks to the new Drake Album playing in my headphones, it seemed even shorter than that. 

For the after care, you apply a cream to the brows for a week to keep them nice and moisturized, similar as what you would do for a tattoo. You have to be a bit more careful for a while with your make up and washing your face and should avoid crazy workouts as to not get absurd amounts of sweat on your brows. 

I am super happy with my new brows. I finally have an arch and thicker, natural looking brows. Also, the time I will need to do my daily make up will be significantly cut down! For the pain, it really didnt hurt that bad, however I am somewhat used to that sort of pain because of all the other tattoos I already have. Still, I think the pain is very bearable. 

If you have every thought about getting it done, go for it! I can honestly only recommend it!