Fort Bragg Fair Elopement // Wedding Photographer in Fayetteville, NC

As a kid, it was my favorite time every year when the fair came to town. All the lights, the smell of cotton candy and nuts, the adventure of all the attractions around. Even as an adult, it still gets me excited. So when the Fair came to Fort Bragg, I, as a Wedding Photographer in Fayetteville, knew I had to come up with something fun - so how about an elopement? 

Weddings can be so much fun and work, but the most important thing about it is two people loving each other. This is what I wanted to capture. Two young love birds, celebrating their love and having fun at the fair. Destiny and Steven were the perfect couple for that. 


"We were both in the same company for AIT(I know, typical). We ran into each other a few times but never really talked until after I graduated. Then at some point we became fb friends and at one point I commented on a picture of his, he then messaged me and asked for my number. My smart self thought nothing of it lol, I'm a dits!
A couple of months later I planned my first trip to come here to Ft Bragg to visit him for a week. I stayed for a week, he than came to visit me a bit later (only the 2nd time we've really met in person) and proposed to me in the airport!" 

Love doesnt need time. Love doesnt need expectations, love just is.