Fifty Shades darker - Fayetteville NC Boudoir Photographer

Edgy & Different Lingerie for your Boudoir Session 

A Boudoir Session is a fun thing and super empowering. It's different - and so are you! Some of my clients love Victoria's Secret, but some just can't find the right thing for them. Everyone is different, so it's just natural that not every woman is able to find someone at America's go to Lingerie Store. We may be in small town Fayetteville North Carolina, but your Boudoir Session can be as Vogue as YOU want it to be. Or maybe you just got inspired by the new "Fifty Shades" movie. 

If you are one of these girls, this article is for you. I put together some fun lingerie pieces that are beautiful, feminine and edgy to awake your inner Anastasia. 

As your Boudoir Photographer here in Fayetteville North Carolina, I want you Session to be fun! While I want your Session to represent you, it is exciting to think outside of the box and treat yourself to something new! Boudoir is there to celebrate you. Your Body, your personality, your style, your ideas! Enjoy these recommendations that I personally curated for you! 

These outfits are courtesy of Nasty Gal! You can find and shop here!