Sydney & Austin - Fayetteville, North Carolina Maternity Photography

Sometimes you meet someone and it immediately clicks - thats how it was when I first met Sydney. We met at a bookstore to discuss her Maternity and Newborn Session. First, I was struck by her beauty and glow, she had such a beautiful spirit about her that lights up a room. Talking to her, I came to find out, that she was not only beautiful but also so very nice and kind. 

Planning her Session turned into small talk where we found out we were neighbors, and planning the next couple of weeks by her side got me very excited. It is so wonderful to be able to be there when a young couple welcomes their little baby and becomes a family, the excitement before to the pure joy after. 

In my two years as a photographer, I met many families and soon-to-be parents and it warms my heart to see them grow. Seeing how that small bump turns into a tiny human, starts crawling, walking, talking! This is what I love about being a photographer. Being able to capture these memories, to look back on, and remind ourselves of the sweet moments. 

Life gets hard, and some times, we change dirty diapers in between doing the laundry while the dishes are piling up. But than you look at their face, and look on the wall and see the excitement you had when you looked down on your growing belly.  And you smile. Because all is well, and it is all worth it.