Alison + Thomas - Engagement Photography Session in Downtown Wilmington, NC - North Carolina Wedding Photographer

On a beautiful Friday afternoon, I met Alison + Thomas in Downtown Wilmington, NC for their Engagement Photography Session. We walked around the river front and all over the city to get beautiful pictures of the both of them before their big day. The couple is so sweet, and you could see in their eyes and in the way they interacted and looked at each other, how in love they are. I simply can not wait to be their Wedding Photographer in Wilmington this October! 

Alison first noticed his tattoos, and they definitely intrigued her. "We met in the gym and we both do Olympic style weightlifting. We work out 5 days a week and even compete in the sport. It's one of my absolute favorite things to do together."

"As I drive home from work everyday no matter how good or bad my day was I always get excited that I get to come home to somebody that I love so much. It's truly the best part of any -  day." - Thomas

Their proposal was simply, yet so beautiful. "One day after work I had the ring in the house and didn't feel like waiting anymore, so once she came home and walked in, I got on one knee and just popped the question. Nothing fancy by any means but it sure did surprise her and the reaction was priceless." Who doesn't want to be surprised by the love of their life with a ring when they come home?

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