Getting Engaged, Moving to Hawaii + Planning a Wedding - Life Update / Honululu, Hawaii Wedding Photographer

After everything that happened in the past month I thought it was time to sit down and write a blog post because god knows I suck at making videos. Also, I am stuck in a hurricane right now so why not? It's a good thing when your one year anniversary falls on a weekend, because Matt and I took it as an excuse to take a Mini Vacation to Myrtle Beach. While we usually love to see some culture crap and all, we just wanted to relax and unwind. Chill by the beach, the pool, Bahama Mamas and good sea food. Wedding Season is about to start back up for me and he was going to be gone for training until Christmas, so it seemed perfect. We had talked about our future a bunch of times, and when he found out he was going to Hawaii, he wanted to make sure that I was going to come with him. When he mentioned it to me, I was all game. Yes, I was scared to give up everything I built up but I was also ready. While I love all the things I got to experience in North Carolina, watch my business grow and meet so many great people, I knew that I needed a change and moving to paradise with the love of my life seemed like a good alternative. Little did I know that he had a little surprise waiting for me.... 

On our 1 year anniversary, he took me out for dinner and than for a walk on the pier at sunset. When we reached the lighthouse, he had a little speech prepared and went down on one knee - it was beautiful, so us, and of course, I said yes. Matt and I are both total beach bums (#ShoreStyle), we love the coast and everything beach related. I mean, the amount of nautical stuff the man has tattooed on his body is a whole different ball game. Also, he had the perfect ring.

So now I know two things - I am engageed (wooohoo) and I am moving to an island. Just like that, my entire life is flipped upside down and everything is going to change. I am excited, I am scared, I am happy. While my comfort zone is quite comfortable, I am so ready for new adventures. However, saying goodbye really hurts. 

I attached a couple of pictures that the amazing Chris Trimble took of us at Fort Fisher in North Carolina, which are kinda like our engagement photos. Its kinda heart breaking since our beautiful coast is hurting so bad right now, but it has such a special place in my heart!

Here is the good side tho: I am not moving until August 2019, so we have PLENTY of time for more photo sessions, weddings and fun! Also, we decided to get married while still in North Carolina since our friends are still here, I know the wedding industry and it's easier for everyone to fly in SO I am going to take you guys along on a journey of wedding planning. I have never planned a wedding and it's honestly a bit scary so I hope I can get you guys some insight, laughs and other stuff from my journey down the isle. You know how I always said "I know exactly what I want for my dream wedding?" Yeah, scratch that. Were starting back at the beginning. 

The next year is going to be quite crazy - and I can't even imagine how crazy moving to Hawaii, restarting my business and life is going to be once I'm on the island - but also planning a wedding. Its much harder than I thought it would be and it starts with such a simple thing - I can’t freaking decide on a venue! UGH! But - I am excited to start a family. I am excited to start my life with this amazing man. I am excited for new adventures. And I can't wait to take you guys along for the ride!


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