Surprise Proposal at Lake Rim - Fayetteville North Carolina Engagement Photographer

Asking that special person to marry you is an amazing moment - especially when they don't expect it to happen! Gerald contacted me around Valentines Day, telling me that he wanted to propose to his Girlfriend and he wanted it photographed! A surprise proposal! As a Wedding Photographer and lover of all things romantic, I was all for that and so we planned the session together. Lake Rim in Fayetteville, North Carolina was the perfect background on this cold February Day. He lured his girlfriend to the lake by telling her that his Valentines Day Gift to her was a couples photo session followed by a romantic dinner - little did Tamara know that he would pop the question right there! 

We started the session on the dock with a couple of poses, than Gerald gave me a sign and he went down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Tamara couldn't believe it and had the biggest smile on her face - of course she said yes! It was such a beautiful moment and I am beyond happy that I didn't just get to witness it, but also that I got to photograph the proposal! 

But how did we get here? Gerald told me their love story and I am excited to share! 

"My fiancé, Tamara, and I met at a local restaurant about a year and a half ago here in Fayetteville. We fell in love shortly afterwards and been working together to come closer. Since we are both active duty soldiers, we found that it is difficult to maintain a healthy relationship while juggling a demanding job with the Army. But we persevered and committed with each other.

Meeting at libraries, coffee shops, and parks, we have many interests in common with our love for listening to lectures on various topics and supporting her as she pursue her undergraduate degree, she pushed me to get back in school as well and resume my college education. She has been the rock I needed in my life and the only thing she as for is for me to be a friend.

So the love and chemistry we share for each other helped us get through many tough times and made the good times even sweeter. With that in mind, I asked myself on day "Why did I not ask her to marry me yet?" With no answer forthcoming, I bought a ring and began to plan my proposal. A few moths later, February comes around and that's when I contacted you.

She is smart, bright, ambitious, supportive, and loving. Everything about her I love is a compliment and strength for what I lack; which I've told her this many times."