#YouHadMeAtFoust - Wedding Photography in Cary, North Carolina

They met over Smoothies & Pizza - and I am so happy to now introduce Mr & Mrs Foust! Being a Wedding Photographer in Fayetteville, it was just a short trip to their beautiful celebration Venue at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cary. Their beautiful cobalt celebration was only made better by the constant smile on both of their faces - you can see how in love they are by just looking at them! 

What I love most about Anthony is that he is honest about his feelings and listens - he remembers details that I don't even remember sometimes! I also love his freckles and green eyes! 

Her special day was a long time coming - i remember first meeting her back in January when she was fully in wedding planning mode. Shortly after I got to meet Anthony for the engagement Session in the field! For Future Brides Ali suggests that you "allow yourself time to do all the planning. Use checklists, resources and friends/family. It can be overwhelming, but so worth it." 

Her wonderful planning led to an amazing Day. Ali's favorite Moment of the day was their first dance to the song "Die a Happy Man" by Thomas Rhett. "It's Our song!" She told me. Anthony loved the last hour of dancing, when everybody was up on the dance floor and of course the perfect ending - the glowstick exit! 

"What I love about Ali is the way she always makes him smile by doing the cute little mannerisms that she does."

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