For Photographers: the perfect shoe for long wedding days! - Fayetteville, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

As a Wedding Photographer in Fayetteville, NC, my Saturdays are usually reserved for capturing two people swearing their life and love to one another.
I absolutely love photographing couples near and far, but my feet usually hurt after a long day of shooting. Part of that problem was wearing the wrong shoe. Being on your feet all day, jumping up and laying down and doing all the other fun photographers yoga poses to get the right shot, a wedding day is definitely a full body work out, but since we want to dress for the occasion, gym shoes are simply not appropriate.

Photographers, we want to do this for the rest of our lives, at least I do. Wrong shoes can ruin your back and lead to pain, not only after a wedding but also in the long run. Cheap dress shoes are often stiff and have zero support, as they are not meant for as much movement. Shoes with heels like my beloved Chelseas do not give appropriate support and arch your foot in an unnatural way. 

First thing I checked when I picked out shoes was the cushion and how soft the sole was, how well it was manufactured (we dont want our shoes to fall apart during a wedding) and how well they fit. Having wide feet, I was very happy to find out that the Sam Edelmann shoes I liked were available in wide fit. This makes the shoes THAT much more comfortable, taking care of the issue I often had with flats - they were just too narrow.  The sole is super soft, and feels good on the feet, while also giving support. They are made out of leather and well manufactured.

I was used to having to wear in flats for a bit to make them comfortable, but these were comfortable from the first wear on.  I have been so very happy with these shoes and can't wait to test them at more weddings, being able to enjoy them more because I won't have to worry about foot ache.