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It is that time of the year - Senior pictures! Senior pictures are so important, they represent you in such a special time of life, right on the edge of adulthood. Also, you probably just found your style, something that suits you and that represents your personality! 

Presenting that in your senior pictures is important - clothing says so much about you! But what should you pick? 

I put together a couple of outfit ideas to get the ideas going - do you want to go relaxed, super sweet or prep? This Outfit Guide will also come in Handy when shopping for back to school clothes for your final year! 

There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing YOUR Outfit for the Senior Photos: 


What's your Style? 

What is the style that best represents you? Do you like jeans or skirts? (Oh, that taylor swift song!) Do you like flowy or tight? Boho, Prep, Hipster or Jock? 


What do you LOVE about yourself? 

Do you like your legs? Do you appreciate your cheekbones or lips? What about your hair? Lets concentrate on what you LOVE about yourself, not what you don't like. By putting the focus on what you love, we can show the most beautiful side of you and create photographs you love - with all this positivity, who cares about love handles or that big feet? 

Stay in budget. 

You don't have to spent hundreds to look cute. Forever 21, Sheinside and Romwe are cheaper ways to look like a million bucks. Also, check out the Sales at Free People or the wonderful Buy 1, get 3 Free sale at Pac Sun that happens every couple of months. 


Plan ahead. 

Print out different outfit and inspirations you like or make a pintrest board. Than look up different pieces online or walk through the mall and take pictures of stuff you really like. Than come back to your board. Pick your favorites and see how to combine them. Buy 4 Outfits but keep the Receipt, try it on in front of your mirror for a couple of days - than decide. Bring back what doesn't make you excited! Need help? I will be more than happy to help! 


xo, Johanna



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