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“Johanna was always there for us!”

- Brittany P.


“Johanna was always there for us!”

- Brittany P.

Why Johanna Dye?

Completely personalized wedding packages.

People aren’t the same and weddings aren’t either - so why is everyone trying to squeeze you into the same cookie cutter, overly fluffed packages? Not here. My weddings are customized to fit YOUR needs. We start with a base and add hours, engagement or bridal sessions, additional shooters etc - whatever you need! You don’t know exactly what you want or need? Don’t worry! Let me know what moments are most important for you on your wedding day and through my experience I will help you tailor a package that fits you perfectly!

A photographer that actually cares.

There are lots of photographers out there, but I don’t just wanna show up at your wedding and cash at check. I care about who you are, what makes you tick - your love story, your wedding vision and you as a couple. I wanna get to know you, your quirks, your favorite song and tv show, and actually vibe with you. I fully believe that I take better pictures of people I can laugh with. In all these years shooting weddings, I learned how to quickly solve big or small problems that arise, calm you down, give the biggest hugs, make you look the very best, hype you up, even bustle your dress - rain or shine, barn or ballroom. I GOT YOU. And I mean that.

Help beyond photography.

Planning a wedding is hard. I know this because I just planned a wedding myself and let me tell you I learned a LOT. Not just that, but I have been working in this Industry for over 5 YEARS! It looks like a huge mountain to climb at first, but with the right tools, help, tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to be. When you choose me to be your wedding photographer, I am not just that. Through years of experience in this Industry, I have learned a thing or two - and you can benefit from my experience! I will be there for you to help with your timeline, give vendor suggestions if you need them, I’m available for all wedding related questions you may have whether it involves photography or not! I will also be sending you guides along the way to make the process easier - guides to help with your engagement session, how to make your wedding day less stressful and easy and much much more. You are not just getting a photographer, you are getting a fully accessible wedding resource at your disposal.

A quick turn around time.

We live in an age of instant gratification and while good stuff takes some time, I do not make you wait forever. You will receive previews of your wedding photos within 48 Hours of your wedding, an extended preview (aka a blog post) with up to 50 Images within 2 weeks and your full Gallery maximum of 6 weeks. Thats way ahead of industry standards. Why? Because I want you to keep that excitement and not wait forever. I want you to be able to relive the night and share these fun and goofy reception photos with your friends and family and laugh together. I want you to be able to send out your thank you cards and most of all, be able to share these amazing, quality photos you invested in on your social media, not uncle bob’s cell phone shot - even if it means I have to pull an all nighter! :)

Vibrant, Modern + True to life, Photography

Every Artist and photographer has their own style and I fully respect that, however I always found it most fascinating to capture life how it is without slapping a filter on it. I don’t believe in being super bright or super dark, I believe in capturing moments and colors how they actually are, with a little punch and polishing of course. While I do edit, I never edit in a way that alters the colors you took so much time picking out, or shoot too dark or too light for details to be lost. Trends are great, but your wedding photos should be timeless.
In addition to that, I don’t believe in super posed portraits - yes, you will get that cheesy picture for grandma’s fridge! BUT I want to capture the essence of you and your partner. I make you laugh, dance, say nice things to each other (AWFUL i know), and look at each other (a lot, be warned haha). I give direction in posing, but never want you to be stiff! We keep it moving, giggling and interesting so that you don’t feel stuck or helpless in front of the camera, but also not as stiff as if I’d had thrown you in an 80’s photo studio. Balance, baby!

Oh that right there? That’s me - live and in action.


Can we see reviews of previous couples? 

Of course! Click here to see my reviews on the Knot and here to see my reviews on Facebook. 

Where are you located and do you travel?

I am currently located in Fayetteville, North Carolina but I love traveling and shoot weddings all over North Carolina until the Summer of 2019.
My family is relocating to Hawaii in August 2019 and I will be serving the Hawaiian Islands starting in September.

After the move, I will no longer be shooting on the East Coast. This breaks my heart but it is the best for my family. However, I am already booking for Fall 2019, 2020 + beyond for the Hawaiian Islands and all over the West Coast!

Will we get every Image?

I don't withhold any great images from you or cut you off at a certain number. The only thing that gets kicked out are doubles, blurry or unusable Images. I say quality over quantity, but I would never withhold a great image from you. My job is to curate amazing images for you, so that you are neither overwhelmed nor dissatisfied.

How do I book/start the booking process you?

Send me a message here, fill out the contact form and tell me all about you. The more details, the of a better quote I can give you and we’ll go from there. To book, all we need is a signed contract and a $650 retainer! Pop the Bubbly - Because I am all yours for that day! Everything is online, from payments to contracts - Super easy!

After that, I will send you a Wedding Check list to keep you on track, we’ll plan your engagement session, I can help you with vendors or anything else that you need. I got you! You didn’t just hire a photographer - you just got yourself a new best friend in the wedding industry!

Whats your pricing? 

The base pricing starts at $1950, however, no two weddings are the same! That’s why I don’t offer cookie cutter packages - tell me what you need and want, from hours of coverage, number of shooters, Albums, Sessions, and so forth, and I will tailor something especially to you!
Don’t know exactly? Don’t worry, I am here to help you! Tell me what’s most important to you for your wedding day and with my experience and expertise we can figure out the perfect package together! The best part? There are no hidden fees. After we figured out what you want and need, I will give you a couple of different options and you choose the one you like best - that’s it. I will never haunt you with hidden fees, clauses or anything after the agreed upon price. On average, my brides spent about $2800 with me.

My Partner hates having his picture taken!

I have met countless people that hate being in front of the camera - myself included. Ironic, isn’t it? But this isn't the JC Penny-cheesy-smile-Photo-Studio experience from your childhood. While giving you guidance on poses, put you in the right light and give you something to do with your hands (because we never know what to do with those), I also love to have you interact with each other, make you laugh naturally, give clues, and make really dumb jokes, send you off on adventures and before you know it, it's already over and you have beautiful and candid images - super painless + fun!

Do you offer prints and albums? 

Yes absolutely! I work with an amazing professional printing lab to get you top quality prints, albums and other products! After I deliver your final gallery, you will be able to order everything directly through there or by simply contacting me!

Have you shot at (Insert Venue)? 

There are hundreds of Wedding Venues and while I have quite the chunk of weddings under my belt, I still shoot at new Venues every year. But that's no problem - I arrive early on your wedding day to walk around the place and get a feel for it, check the light etc and scoop out great shots. I also do my research online. That way, combined with years of experience I can make basically any venue work for me!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes I am, and I highly recommend all of your vendors are. Being a legal business is not just a good idea for tax reasons but also to protect you as the client. Through equipment and liability insurance, I am protecting myself and you. By being a licensed + legal business, I show that I take my job and my business seriously.

Still got questions?
I’d love to answer them ALL!

Click below and send me a message!

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“I feel like I walked away from my wedding with amazing photos and a new friend.”

- Dani Lynn B.

“I feel like I walked away from my wedding with amazing photos and a new friend.”

- Dani Lynn B.




Getting+ready+and+wedding+details+-+raleigh+north+carolina+wedding+photographer (1).jpeg



In the past couple of years, I am grateful to have been recognized by some major publications, as well as win awards for my work and customer service. Here is a selection of them.