Allison Howell

"I had a wonderful experience with Johanna! I know I will be looking to her in the future for engagement/ wedding! Our boudoir session was fun and relaxed! We laughed, twerked and had a great time together! She is so easy to talk to and is great with giving directions! She has awesome ideas on poses that are unique and would best fit your body type and comfort level! I can not wait to work with her again!"

Aquisha Gross

As a woman first, we all have our reservations about our legs, bums, and boobs. So when approached or thinking of doing a boudoir themed photoshoot can be very very daunting and down right scary. Even as a model I still have some reservations and want to cower in the corner and hide when asked to shoot boudoir-because I am a woman first like all of you. Working with a boudoir and wedding photographer Johanna Dye removed all of my worries and concerns about my legs, my bum, or my boobs. This Raleigh and Fayetteville NC based photographer puts my mind at ease every time I work with her. During our recent boudoir session we chat like old girlfriends, listened to music and literally played dress up in her fabulous new boudoir studio! How perfect is that? We are most comfortable around our closes girlfriends and Johanna always makes me feel just like that. I hope that my testimony eases your worries and reservations about making your photoshoot appointment with Johanna, I promise you will feel and look like a million bucks once you have become a client (girlfriend) of Johanna’s!

Allison Jennifer

"I just want to say that I have many insecurities, and inner demons about my appearance. It's been a constant battle with myself, so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do a boudoir session for my boyfriend. When I met Johanna she immediately made me feel comfortable and was so sweet! She's so much fun to work with, and captures the true beauty of a woman's body. I seriously can't stress enough about what it's done for my confidence.. I don't have to think twice about worrying how my future wedding is going to get captured either because I know she takes pride in her clients and in her work. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their special moments in life to be remembered in the most beautiful way possible."

Vicky Pope

Joanna was very sweet and professional. She was easy schedule and book. She met us at our venue so that we could go over the ideas that I had in mind. She was very flexible and easy to work with. We ended up changing our times twice and she was very understanding and patient in working with us. She was quick to respond to all my questions and she did everything in a timely manor. She captured all the special moment's, she was great!