Swayzer Engagement - Fayetteville NC Photographer

This Love Story is one long in the making - in November 2009, her Sophomore year, Katherynn was persuaded into her High School Wrestling Team. She immediately developed the biggest crush on Donnis, who was a Senior and so, she thought, out of her league. Donnis noticed her as well, and even tried to ask her out, but thinking he just tried to play her, she turned him down. 

But Mother nature wanted to see them together. When the "Snowpocalypse", a huge snow storm, hit the East Coast in February 2010, during a big wrestling tournament, everyone was trapped until 3 am. It was that night that Donnis and Katherynn started talking and finally exchanged numbers - and they haven't stopped talking ever since! 

It should not however, be so easy for them. With Donnis joining the Military and moving to Fort Bragg, and even deploying twice, and her finishing High School and attending George Mason University in Virginia, their relationship had to prove itself through the distance.

A lot of tears, a lot of hugs and weekends that were way to short had been the constant over the past 5 years! In July he proposed - and not waning to wait, the two scheduled their wedding for January to finally break down the distance and start their lives together. 

The two were so very loving and sweet, the way they looked at each other seemed like they just fell in love yesterday. I got to photograph them at the Rose Garden in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  I simply can not wait to see them promising their life to one another, and finally waking up next to each other every day.