Sarah & Aaron - Southern Backyard Elopement Photography in Dunn, NC

Sarah and Aaron are just the sweetest, most perfect southern couple and I was happy to photograph their rustic country backyard wedding in Dunn, North Carolina. Their celebration was simple, DIY, full of love and the perfect way to start their journey and new life together in Texas! 

"What I love most about Sarah is that she's such a kind hearted person. She goes above and beyond to help others and never expects anything in return. She literally would bend over backwards for anyone at any time and doesn't say a word about it!" 

"What I love most about Aaron is his lack of concern with people's negative opinions. He's helped me to learn to take leaps of faith, knowing that God has a plan. He never tries to be anything that he isn't and he doesn't care if others don't agree. It's such a breath of fresh air to love someone who knows exactly who he is, and has nothing to prove!"The

Their sweet backyard bash was completely DIY, and while lots of fun, a bit hectic because of such little time Sarah told me. Inspired by her husband, a true Texas cowboy and their life in the south, they couldn't have thought of anything but a rustic country theme. 

"I wanted my center pieces, decorations, and bouquet to all be things I could keep for years to come, displayed in my home without be too fancy or tacky in any way. I didn't want to overdo I made sure everything had just enough of my minty/teal color..then did a lot of white, burlap, and lace to pull it all together! "

She got the materials from Michaels & Hobby lobby and got to work - centerpieces, bouquet, & everything else! It was inexpensive & exactly her taste - and a total success! 

But how did he ask her to be his wife? 

"Aaron surprised me the day before valentine's day with a "secret date" (we had business plans on valentine's day so he said he didn't want me to miss out). He didn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing but I kind of had an idea...only because I knew he had asked my dad for permission to marry me via letter, AND the night before he casually checked to see if my nails were!! So he took me to the botanical gardens in Fayetteville, I had never been and always wanted to. We walked all through the trails and then towards the end he brought me to one of the prettiest spots and got down on one knee. I remember him saying "God must love me a whole lot to have given me you" little did I know, my sister was behind us taking pictures!"