Meredith + Brandon - Engagement Photography in Downtown Raleigh North Carolina

Meredith & Brandon are just the sweetest couple and I can not wait to be their Wedding Photographer this October in Pittsboro, North Carolina. For their Engagement Session, we went Downtown Raleigh, NC to the places where they first met. I absolutely love the idea to recreate their first date at the Lincoln Theatre and Calavera. But now, let's let Meredith tell us about how they fell in love. 

We met on a Saturday night in October, but the story begins the night before, when I called my best friend who was coming to town that weekend. She told me about a tall guy with blue eyes I would be meeting the next night when we were all set to go to a concert at Lincoln Theater. To this day I couldn’t tell you the name of the band we saw, but I distinctly remember sitting on my best friend’s lap and turning to look across the table to see one of the most handsome faces I had seen before, and he happened to have blue eyes. Brandon was also told about a girl he would meet that night, when I walked in he remembers how beautiful I was, but more importantly the red lipstick, which let’s just say, wasn’t his favorite. My personality won him over though!

As the night progressed we got downtown to the concert and were too early, so we walked to the nearby tequila bar, Calavera, where we all had some mojitos. I noticed how quite Brandon was, but it intrigued me. While we waited for the concert to start we conversed about the general topics people do when first meeting. And when the concert started we danced together and had a great time. When we all went our separate ways, I was about to get in my car and Brandon came walking out. He admits now that he knew he wanted my number, but was trying to play it cool and not seem too eager. I gave him my number and we started hanging out one on one, our first official date was at the NC State Fair.

Brandon knew early on that he wanted to date me, but I was playing hard to get. He continued to do all the right things, cooking me dinner, taking me on dates and anything most girls could ask for—but the night I knew I might love him was when I came home from a long day and found him sitting on my doorstep with a dozen roses. I finally gave into what I had been denying and we officially started dating, and he’s done nothing but proven to me every day that I made the best decision I ever could.

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