Sam & Daniel - Photographer in Fayetteville, North Carolina

My friend Samantha, is a fellow Photographer in Fayetteville, North Carolina, so when she asked me to capture some photographs for her anniversary with her Husband Daniel, I didn't hesitate a second! Its so great to have friends in the creative industry, that understand the process and have the same visions and also problems, and its been such a joy to have Sam in my life. Samantha is such a kind and outspoken girl, and just a great person overall. Her and her husband Daniel made me laugh the entire time, and we even ended up getting lost in the park! 


It was a wonderful, sunny day and the golden hour lit up the greenery of the North Carolina Park perfectly. I didnt need to give Sam & Daniel much direction, they giggled, kissed and snuggled up to each other, in love like on their first date! 

How did they fall in love? 

"I'm not sure how he fell, but for me it was our first "real date" after hanging out for a few weeks. he came over to grill brats, but it was a total fiasco. the grill broke and the brats fell in the coals and got burned. all but like two of them were inedible. but despite it going all kinds of wrong, it was oddly perfect.."