House of Flynn Evermore - Camera Bag Review - Raleigh Wedding Photographer

It has been long overdue but I finally took the plunge and invested in a new camera bag. My old Kelly Moore Bag was hanging on by a thread (literally) and so I have been looking around for a newer, better bag to accommodate all of my equipment, and had enough space for all the other stuff I need to carry with me on a regular wedding day. As a Wedding Photographer, I don't just carry my camera and flashes, but also back up SD Cards, Batteries, Business Cards, Ribbons and all kinds of other small stuff, so I need lots of pockets! If you guys want to see a post on what I bring me on a Wedding Day and an updated "What's in my bag" let me know - I would love to share! 

House of Flynn is a Bag made by a Photographer for Photographers, and is a small Business founded by Maureen Flynn Luther. She is a super impressive lady, having built up a cult around her products, expanding her line from camera bags to clothes and now even Baby Products! I love supporting small Businesses and fellow Girlbosses, so of course I was intrigued. Also, I really wanted to be a part of her #TacoTribe, which the girls who enjoy their products call themselves. I noticed that, if you have a HOF Bag, and you see another girl with one, its an instant connection. 

I decided on the large Evermore bag, given the fact that on a Wedding Day I carry two bodies, two lenses and 3 flashes I really need space. I also wanted my Macbook to be able to fit when I travel. I love the fact how much room it has so I can comfortably fit everything i need. Also the fact that the large pocket in front is especially made for SD cards is a huge plus and a nice way to keep them organized. The pockets on the outside have enough rooms for all the small things I need. I also love how the inside is patted nicely, protecting my gear. What I have heard so far from other users is that it holds up very well and is sturdy, so I guess I will see about that once i use it more. 

Overall, I really like the bag. While it's cute and stylish (and rose gold which we all know is my favorite color), it is also made for work. You can definitely see that the bag was made by an actual female wedding photographer, as it is very functional but cute at the same time. I would definitely recommend it!