Brittany - Artistic Boudoir Photography in Fayetteville North Carolina

When one of my favorite Make up Artists here in Fayetteville North Carolina asked me to collaborate with her on a project, I could not say no. She was looking for a boudoir and intimate photographs, but with an artistic twist, celebrating her body no matter what others say. 

Brittany has been a victim of skinny shaming one too many times. Years ago, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had to completely change her diet. While it has made her loose weight, she is still in the absolutely normal range for her height & this change actually was what got her back on track, and made her healthier. However, teasings about her needing a cheeseburger, that she's sick or starving herself never stop. 

As a boudoir photographer, I want to celebrate woman. I come across woman of all shapes and sizes and photograph them to make them see how beautiful they are. Any woman. No matter what weight, size, color, no matter what flaws they may have. We are all beautiful in our own way. While there has been a rise in empowering women with curves, it often comes at the expense of tearing down skinny women. We need to stop saying "Men love curves, only dogs play with bones". We need to stop celebrating one woman by tearing down another. 

Embrace who you are. Embrace people around you for what they are.
See the beauty in every woman. 


If one woman can embrace her curves, another can embrace her bones. We can all be fabulous BECAUSE we are different, and a bigger size in clothes or smaller number on the scale does not devalue our worth as human beings. 

Lets celebrate each other! 

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