Arabella's second Birthday! - Fayetteville, North Carolina Photography

Back in December, I got to meet Arabella & her family for the first time and had such a sweet Photography Session with them here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I was so excited when her mother Ashley asked me to photograph this milestone in her life now - her second birthday! 


Kids grow up soo fast and especially in the first years change so quickly that its such a pleasure to see them and watch them grow. 


For location we chose the FTCC Rose Garden in Rose Garden, where the flowers just started to bloom! I am absolutely obsessed with this beautiful garden and it fit perfect with the princess' outfit! 


Arabella was so excited and ran around, gave me plenty of smiles and giggles. We were fast friends, and I had so much fun chasing her around! 


However, she seemed not so excited about turning two as we can see in this adorable photograph where she is running away from her balloon! "I DONT WANT TO GROW UP!" Me neither, girl. Me neither! 

Fayetteville North Carolina Rose Garden Photographer Children

Happy Birthday, Arabella! I hope its a good one, with lots of cake and ice cream <3