As a family Photographer in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I was thrilled when my best friend and partner in crime Elisha asked me to take their family photographs this year. I love her little family and how much she makes me feel like I am a part of it. A best friend is really so much more than that - when I am sad, I know she has a shoulder to cry on, feeds me and her house is always open and welcoming for me. I love her little girls so so much as well. They are so much fun to be around - well let's face it I am just in love with her entire family. 
You might know her - she is also my make up artist! We met through work and became friends working together. And now I couldn't Imagine a better partner for all my fun projects!
But being a military family also often comes with goodbye's - her husband is about to leave to go to Korea for an entire year, so these pictures totally double as a bittersweet goodbye gift so that he has some beautiful pictures to take with him of his favorite girls! 

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