Miss K. - Cary, North Carolina Boudoir Photographer

As a Boudoir Photographer in Cary, North Carolina I always love when beautiful woman come up with amazing ideas for their Sessions. Miss K loves Yoga, so she wanted to include some of her favorite poses into her session! I loved how confident she was, beautifully molding her own body into these positions. I was so impressed - my clumsy self could never ever do that! She, however, inspired me to give yoga a try myself. I am super excited for this new adventure! 

Never hesitate to ask me to include things that are personal to you into your session - I absolutely love personalizing your sessions and making them all about you. Not only that, but she booked her session together with her best friend. They had a great time motivating each other for the session, we had lovely girl chat while getting ready and such a good time shooting! Book a Session with your friend, and you both get 5% off! 

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