Have you ever thought about doing a boudoir session just for yourself? To celebrate your body and your beauty, everything that you are? For beautiful Images to look at and remember how amazing and gorgeous you truly are? That's exactly what Miss M. did! 

After a break up and loosing over 70 pounds, she decided to treat herself to a boudoir Session in my Boudoir Studio in Fayetteville North Carolina. The beauty got dolled up by my amazing Make Up Artist Elisha Seaton, and than we had a ton of fun rocking out to music together and picking the best outfits for her! She was totally feeling herself, modeling for me like she just stepped of a runway. The confidence she walked away with at the end of the day was truly amazing! A bit shy at first, she was glowing and smiling when she walked out the door and working with her made me so incredibly happy! 

Are you interested in treating yourself to a boudoir session? Contact me now!