Shannon and Mike got married on a beautiful and sunny Saturday in May at the Cabarrus Country Club in Concord North Carolina and I am so grateful that I was able to be their Wedding Photographer. As such, it makes me so happy to document love in peoples life - especially when I can be their for multiple milestones of the same family. Last year, I got to photograph Bride's Brother's Wedding in Charleston, South Carolina - it was wonderful to see the family and so many familiar faces again and be a part of another beautiful day in their life. 

The sweet couple met at church! 

"We had both spotted each other a while earlier but we never really spoke for a good couple months. I had actually told my mom about this cute boy at church - and ever since then he was known to us as ‘cute church boy. I don’t really know how else to explain it, but I was somehow drawn to him before ever even talked. On Sunday, there was literally nowhere else for me to sit beside right next to cute church boy. We made small talk and he says he was contemplating the whole time about writing me notes on the weekly during the service but was too nervous. After the service we walked out together and VERY awkwardly stopped right in front of the doors where everyone was walking past us and chatted a bit more. The next week, I caught him glancing my way a few times and then I was walking out after the service and he grabbed me and then asked me out to lunch day. We were both pretty sold after that date."


Shannon was so giddy the entire time, just like Mike. You could literally feel how excited they were to get married and spent their life with each other. I absolutely loved the way they looked at each other the entire time - so full of love!  But how did he propose? 

"We were on a trip with some friends down at Folly Beach. Naturally, I was nervous - my friends knew about it but obviously Shannon didn’t. I remember being on the beach the night before with her and knowing that the very next day I would be on this same beach proposing to her. On the next afternoon, we were all hanging out on the beach and I was anxiously looking around for the best spot to pop the question later that evening. Shannon and I went for a walk towards the end of the island and I spotted the perfect place so I asked her if we could come for a walk in the same spot later. After a lazy afternoon and a long nap (for her- I couldn’t sleep a wink) we went back out for a walk on the beach. Unfortunately it was high tide later and we had a lot less beach to work with. We stopped when we ran out of beach towards the end of the island and I nervously grabbed the ring. I thought for sure I would drop the ring and the waves would sweep it away so I awkwardly guarded my pocket carefully. I looked at her and hugged her for a very long time and dropped to one knee. I was beginning to get emotional and I think she was confused, she didn’t understand what was going on. Fighting back some tears I asked her to be my wife, she said yes and here we are."


It's the little things that make a relationship truly great. Seeing two people in love, making big steps into their future makes me so incredibly happy. But while this is  a big moment in their life, it's the small, every day moments that make love and marriage extra special. "I love it when she wants to come lay her head in “her nook” (on my chest, with my arm around her).", Mike says. "I love when she randomly stops and says, “You haven’t kissed me in a very long time”—and then demands that I kiss her." Shannon says about her Mike "Hands down the thing I love most about him is the way he makes me feel. He makes me feel so loved, so supported and absolutely adored every single day."


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