Rena + Aaron - Beach Wedding in Emerald Isle, North Carolina

On a beautiful October weekend, Rena + Aaron got married in a Beach Ceremony at 1 Impossible Dream in Emerald Isle, North Carolina and I got to be their Wedding Photographer! The sweet couple travelled far, all the way from the West Coast to say their Vows & Party with their friends and family. "(My favorite moment of the wedding was) our vow exchange. Aaron is reserved much of the time with his feelings, but when I saw him read his vows, I could see him holding back his tears of joy. It's moments like these you realize how much your partner loves you." 

But how did they meet?  "I had just started out as a contractor for an IT company at Google. I had been assigned a building network engineering project that included designing a user lab environment. A network engineer was needed to help vet the network requirements, and that engineer happened to be Aaron! A meeting was scheduled between myself, Aaron and my manager. Aaron had been traveling in Asia for a couple of months and was due to come home the day of the meeting. Aaron came right from San Francisco Airport (fresh from Hydrabad) to Google to take the meeting with me. And that was the first meeting and where it all started!"

"I wanted to make the proposal special for Rena. Knowing she loves video games and action figures, I decided to buy her the Halo 5 Collector's Edition box, which included two figures from the game. I hid the ring inside the box and waited for Rena to come home from work.

When she got home, I let her know that I had a surprise for her in the living room. Rena was so excited for the video game and figures, she dove right into the packaging. She completely missed the ring and instead focused on the action figures! I kept suggesting she look inside the box for any more items, but she told me it was empty and she had already checked the parts list on the side. When I finally convinced her, she was in for a surprise!"

Congratulations to this sweet couple! Are you getting married? Contact me! 


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