How to ROCK your Engagement Session - Raleigh Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Raleigh, North Carolina, I love engagement sessions so much that I actually include them in your wedding package for free if you book with me. Why? Because it’s such an amazing way to get to know each other before the wedding. We can chat, I can get to know the both of you, your story, and see how you vibe with the camera. We can try different poses. After countless engagement sessions and years of experience, I decided to give you my 5 top tips on how to ROCK your engagement photography Session!

5 Tips on how to rock your engagement session - raleigh wedding photographer
  1. Find cute + comfortable Outfits!

I am a sucker for flowy dresses and getting dolled up, thats a fact. However, if you are not someone that usually enjoys and wears dresses, go for something you feel comfortable in! Don’t mascarade yourself, let your true self shine through. These Images are for you and your partner. If a full face of make up and a long dress isn’t your jam, find something that you think is cute and you feel well in. You love getting dolled up and being a bit extra? Think about hiring a hair and make up artist to make it extra special. A full glam squad and an amazing outfit? YES PLEASE!
Whatever route you decide to go with, make sure it’s YOU.


2. Take your Time

The day of the engagement session is here - YAY! Make sure you plan in enough time for everything the day off. Google how far away the location is, make sure you plan in enough time to get ready plus a buffer. Nothing is worse than being stressed and in a hurry, so make a Game Plan the day before so you’re relaxed and excited vs stressed and anxious!

5 Tips on how to rock your engagement session - raleigh wedding photographer

3. Get in the mood!

On the way to the session, listen to something fun and energetic that reminds you of you and your boo. Maybe you guys have a play list of songs that connect you two, maybe it’s a sound track to a movie you’re super into (we currently have “The greatest Showman” on repeat!) Not only does it get you into a good mood, it also brings up great memories that you shared, making you smile all over again!

5 Tips on how to rock your engagement session - raleigh wedding photographer

4. Write down 3 Things you love about him or her!

A couple of days before, or the day off, take a couple of minutes out of your day and think of 3 things you really really love about them. Is it how she gets those little dimples when she smiles? The way he looks at you when he just woke up, with his hair all messy and cute? Is it the way he actually listens to you like no one did before? Or the way she knows exactly what you need without having to say a word? Whatever it is, really think about what makes your love special and why you are so excited to get married. You don’t have to show your partner, but keep the paper close to look at it again before the session and your smile will come completely natural!

5 Tips on how to rock your engagement session - raleigh wedding photographer

5. Relax.

You got the outfit, you feel fabulous. You reminded yourself about all the little things you love about each other and jammed out together in the car on the way to the session. I don’t know how many times I have heard “Me (or my partner) hate being in front of the camera”, “We are super awkward”, etc etc. This is not the JC Penny Photo experience where you sit there all stiff, forcing a smile for the camera, so no Chandler Bing Moment for you.


Relax, I GOT YOU! I am going to make sure you guys are comfortable, give you little clues and tricks, make you look at each other (A LOT) and if you stare long enough you can’t help but laugh anyway, amirite? You’ll dance, walk, and make each other laugh, say sweet things to each other and just BE YOURSELF. With this casual but guided experience, your Images will look fun and like you. Awkward? We don’t know her. We’re here to have FUN and create beautiful Images. I got the Images - you just relax and enjoy the time together!

5 Tips on how to rock your engagement session - raleigh wedding photographer

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