Outfit Ideas + Tips for your Fall Family Pictures! - Fayetteville NC Photographer

Fall Family Picture Season is just around the corner and of course the big question is looming over your head - what to wear? Don't worry, I got you! As a Family Photographer in Fayetteville, North Carolina, it's important to me that you don't only get the best pictures, but also that you feel and look your best. So here are 5 different outfit ideas you can recreate super easily for your family + some tips along the way. 

Cotton Field Fall Family Photography Session in Fayetteville North Carolina

Tip Number 1: Create your outfit first, than look for the kids and than for your husband.

You need a starting point. You might be a mom, but you deserve to look your best and beautiful. It's much easier to find something cute for your husband and for your kids than for yourself. Theres colors you look better in, cuts that flatter you more, and outfits you're just more into. That's why I recommend getting an idea or shopping for your outfit first and go from there! 

Fall Family Photography Session in Fayetteville North Carolina

Tip Number 2: Mix Patterns and solids

As you can see in the example pictures, there is a good mix between solids. Having everyone wear the same shirt can look dated and bland, so mix it up, however, stay in the same color family. If the husband is wearing a plaid shirt with yellows, try to find shades that compliment the colors for your top. You do not have to restrict yourself to 1 or two colors - just stay in the same color family. Not only does that make it look more cohesive, but it will also show you belong together and there was thought put into the outfit. 

Fall Family Photography Session in Fayetteville North Carolina
Fall Family Photography Session in Fayetteville North Carolina
Fall Family Photography Session in Fayetteville North Carolina

Tip Number 3: Don't be afraid to buy different options! 

Now a days, most stores have an at least 30 day return policy, even online. So buy multiple outfits and than wear them together or, just lay them out together and see what actually looks best. You won't believe how many times I had an outfit picked out in my head that looked AMAZING in my mind but made me look like a darn potato when I put it on. Seeing the coordinated in front of you will help you make a more informed decision and a piece of mind. 


Tip No 4: Flowy Dresses ROCK! 

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of flowy dresses, and this has two reasons. They are super flattering and they give pictures movement. We can spin you around, you can play with the fabric of the skirt, the wind may blow it a bit - flowy dresses bring movement and excitement to the pictures. Plus, since it's North Carolina, it won't be too cold and they have super cute long sleeve ones as well! 

Fall Family Photography Session in Fayetteville North Carolina

Tip No 6: Incooperate Fall Colors!

This is kind of a given, but I still want to say it. Since North Carolina stays pretty green up for a very long time, incooperating Fall Colors in your outfits and making your outfits say "Fall" is super important to set the mood and tell the story. While I can totally work with different back grounds to make them look fall like, you and your family are the main subjects and you are what sets the mood. While you do not have to be head to toe in pumpkin spice, picking one or two colors that scream fall as your bases or accent colors works wonders!

Fall Family Photography Session in Fayetteville North Carolina

Tip No 5: Live your best Life. 

I can give you all the tips in the world on what to wear, but the most important thing is that YOU feel comfortable. If you never wear dresses and feel better in jeans - wear the jeans. You can style a cute pair of jeans with some boots and a cute top and look fabulous. This is why I go back to number 3 - buy multiple outfits and pick the one that fits and feels best. These are YOUR family pictures - have some fun with it!

Tip No 6: Shop Smarter, Not Harder

Fall Family Photography Session in Fayetteville North Carolina

Ok, so you got all the info - but now where to shop?

For the whole Family.

A good first stop is Target, but I am sure I don't have to even tell you that. They have cute, affordable clothes for the whole family!
H&M is another one shop family stop! 
Zara is another online store that has super cute fashion forward clothing for the entire family!
You can also check out Cotton on and Beau Hudson for all your family needs!
Also make sure you check out Asos for you and your boo.
On store I want to put a special spotlight on, and that is Amazon. If you have prime, you get everything in 2 days which is thebomb.com plus they have hundreds, if not thousands of different outfits and clothing pieces for the entire family. 

As a faithful amazon shopper myself I can tell you that I stumbled on a bunch of affordable but cute pieces there! Plus, thanks to their new feature of amazon wardrobe, you don't pay anything until you decide you want o keep it! 

For the Ladies! 

Lulus is an online store I love for women's fashion. They have amazing dresses (that are flowy af) for great prices. Plus, free return shipping!
Fashion Nova is another great online Fashion store for cute clothes, plus if you do a quick google search, you can find coupon codes for up to 30% off. 
Forever 21 is a classic, but you can find amazing steals there, especially on those flowy dresses!

If you are in Fayetteville, NC you need to check out Southern Alternative. They are a Small Business in Downtown Fayetteville and they have the most gorgeous dresses and outfits you! I shop there myself and I had so my clients find the perfect outfit there!

For The Kids! 

Janie and Jack is an online store that will make your kids look super fashionable. 
Also, make sure to check out June And January.
Posh Pickle , Rags to Rach, is another store for the kids that has SUPER CUTE stuff.
and of course, Stork and Feathers!