Clare + Wallace - Engagement Photography Session at Dram and Draught - Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

I absolutely LOVE recreating the first date for a couples engagement session! It is so nice to go back to the place where everything started - that excitement, those butterflies! EEK! Also, we get to shoot in a more casual setting, a familiar setting and share a drink or two and really get to know each other before the wedding day. If you ever considered having your engagement session recreate your first date, definitely reach out! I love this! 

Clare and Wallace met on Hinge, a dating app and they both had something about Burbon in their profiles, so of course she opened with "What's your favorite?". They quickly started talking and decided to have their first date at a Burbon Bar, Dram and Draught. "I asked if he'd ever been there (he said he hadn't, so I was so excited to introduce him to this great bourbon bar - too bad he had totally been to bar's opening night. Our relationship is based on a lie!" Sometimes you need a little white lie... :) 

Wallace knew that Clare was the one pretty quickly! "Within 3-4 dates, easily. More so within our first date, but secured by the time we went to Gonza's for the first time. There was simply a moment during that dinner conversation where I noticed my guard wasn't up any more, and I felt the same from her. There wasn't a single statement made that convinced me she was the one, it was the feeling that for the first time I didn't need to stretch the truth, hide parts of who I was, or worry about dating. I was truly happy, and couldn't wait to get to know her more." 

I simply can't wait for their wedding in October! Congratulations you guys!