As a photographer in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Two things I have been obsessed with lately - natural light indoors + playing with shadows and HGTV. But mostly I have been wanting to step outside of my comfort zone and what I usually do and branch out to do something new. Lifestyle Photography has always been intrigued me, but I was never brave enough to actually go for it - it's not my thing, others do it better. But I decided 2018 was the year that I stop making excuses and try it out - and man am I in love with the results! 
Katrina + Eric where the perfect couple for this - they are an absolutely gorgeous couples and have such a beautiful house. I am seriously obsessed with what Katrina did with the place. It was so much fun to play with only the available light and how the shadows fell on them. I can't wait to shoot more of these Lifestyle photography Sessions here in Fayetteville, NC or wherever you live - wether it be an engagement, family or a couples session - if you are up for an intimate and fun session in your own home, contact me to book! 

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