The Gifford Family - Fayetteville North Carolina Maternity Photographer

Nicholas and Macy were living in two different space before their little wonder united them in Fayetteville, North Carolina were I had the pleasure to photograph them in a beautiful maternity Session. As a Family Photographer, the start of any family is so sweet - all the hopes and dreams and the excitement to meet their sweet addition. 

"We had spent two weeks together in New York for Christmas and had been talking about how wonderful it would be for us to start a family together. When I got home from our trip around the first week of January we were eager to see if our magic worked. Lol I took a pregnancy test around when I would have been 3 weeks pregnant and sure enough a plus sign smiled back at me from the test. Nicholas is obsessed with pizza so I was going to have a pizza delivered to him and have the inside of the box say "you're going to be a daddy" but the pizza place was unable to carry out the request so I settled with a FaceTime call. I called him immediately and jumped write in to telling him. He asked me if I was for real and when I said yes his eyes lit up and his smile beamed from ear to ear, it was just the response I needed. "


A pregancy is such a special time in every womans life. Macy told me that feeling all the kicks and squirms from their baby girl is her favorite thing about her pregnancy and she catches herself feeling her own belly to catch the next movement. 

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